Successfully Funded!

Boy are we glad to be posting this update...


When we first imagined doing a Kickstarter campaign we believed in it because we believed in our product. Liking craft beer is fun and people get excited about this lifestyle, but it goes beyond that. "Kings of the Craft" is a love letter of sorts to that experience, to the city of San Diego and the people who dedicated their careers making this a reality for us lucky residents. 

This is us giving back to them.

We worked really hard to make sure that not only we would have an attractive campaign with worthy rewards but we wanted to do this at the right moment. Regardless of how much work you put in you just never know how thing will pan out. You don't know how many people your campaign will reach, if they like what they see and if they're willing to donate their hard won money to support a project like this one.

Running this campaign was hard work, stressful, nerve-wracking, and intense and this is not even considering we made our goal when we only had 10 minutes left. Despite all that this has been, so far, the most rewarding moment since we started with the series. From the incredible support of our partners in crime Bullets2Bandages, Uber San Diego, and BrewerShirts. To the surprising endorsements of 10News, San Diego 6, The Grant Grill and the fantastic gift our home KPBS provided which really helped us cross that finish line.

It was incredible to see the rally on social media. From our family, friends, supporters, fellow craft-beer lovers, brewers... we are so deeply honored and humbled by what happened during the month of March. Thank you to Stone Brewing Co. and Karl Strauss Brewing Company for your generous donations. To Hillcrest Brewing Company for all of your social media posts. To the fantastic Greg Homyak of San Diego BeerTalk Radio for his interview and relentless support. 

The list goes on and on and that can only mean good things...