Kings of the Craft is the story of craft beer in San Diego as told by the people who both set this phenomenon in motion and are adding to its momentum. The current iteration of the show features a grand total of 17 breweries - some that have stood the test of time (such as Stone Brewing Co.Karl Strauss Brewing Company, & Coronado Brewing Company) and some that are still relatively new to the scene but should in no way be underestimated (like Modern Times Beer, Hillcrest Brewing Company, and Toolbox Brewing Company).

There's a story here that needs to be told

This show is coming to you at a time when San Diego is being revered as the craft beer capital of the nation & it's not hard to see why. With 115 breweries and many more on the way (currently 41 in planning) this county has become the hub for a movement that promises to continue growing and completely take over every bar, restaurant, & tabletop within reach.

So why does any of this matter?


For starters, this isn’t normal

By any other measure the craft beer community in San Diego is crowded, some even say oversaturated and yet somehow, even after an economic slump, business is booming. With more competition showing up everyday how much longer is this sort of growth possible?

A new kind of customer

The way macro breweries market neglects huge demographic populations of what would otherwise be paying customers. Can craft beer pick up where macro failed, especially considering craft breweries don't really market their product?


Domestic Beer Marketshare

The big boys have taken notice

Macro beer powerhouses like Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, & Constellation own 89% of the domestic beer marketshare. Well even they're all taking notice of the craft beer movement. Maybe you’ve seen the ads or the “crafty” imitations. How do you fight back when you're only 11% of the market?

It's not just about beer anymore

When a city becomes obsessed with craft beer what happens to the restaurant business? What sort of effect does it have on tourism & hospitality? What happens to the surrounding communities?



Come see what's brewing in your backyard

The passion for flavor, the boom, the competition, the movement, the brotherhood - join us as we explore all these ideas with the kings themselves in our one hour special. See you there.