Once upon a time...

...in a far far away land a group of unlikely heroes, unknown to each other but powered by a common passion, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Met by severe economical hardship, endless sunny days, bland macro monsters and a naive population, these bearded individuals sat in their corners mixing unconventional ingredients to achieve the perfect brews. Their names were yet to be known, but their delicious powers had the potential to change the land for all eternity, these were the Kings of the Craft

Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how things happened...

...but there is a story here and it needs to be told. Kings of the Craft is a six-episode documentary series coming to you in a time where San Diego has just been crowned the craft beer capital of the nation. Home to 80 plus breweries with many more on the way this county has become the hub for a phenomenon that promises to continue growing and take over our tables.


By any other measure the craft beer community is established and crowded, however they’ve manufactured a culture in which they share equipment, employees and ideas. This ecosystem encourages
success and promotes creativity.

With growing competition and a more educated clientele how are renowned breweries keeping fresh? How can new breweries distinguish themselves and find room in this competitive market? These are some of the questions we will be asking the heroes of this industry, the brewers. Why San Diego? The brotherhood, the history and what the future might hold are some of the topics you can expect to see covered when the series premieres on KPBS and online in the Spring of 2015.


Kings of the Craft was born from the necessity to document the most comprehensive,
faithful and creative portrayal of this industry. PSW Emmy award winners: director Ben Moxley and Cinematographer/Editor Steven Moyer, combine forces with award winning producer Raeanne DuPont to expand on their previous work covering this same industry.

Joining the team is another PSW Emmy award winning producer Eduardo Castro Fonseca, a newish San Diego resident with a new found passion for craft-beer and KPBS’ efforts to
bring the best of America’s finest city to its public.


Ben Moxley, Raeanne DuPont, Eduardo Castro Fonseca, Steven Moyer


Now set on a journey to film what best is done in the county, Kings of the Craft promises to be the tastiest documentary yet in an attempt to show you what’s being brewed in your backyard.
Join us as we invite viewers to meet the brewers behind the beards and go backstage to witness what happens exactly before your favorite drink reaches its destination!

No dragons were slayed and no beer was spilt in the making of this documentary…